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Rendered in versatile neutrals, this wool-blend rug is ideal for bringing rich natural texture and vibrant colors to any room in your home. Handmade Woolen dhurries are softer underfoot than other natural-fiber options like sisal, sea grass, and jute though just as strong and durable. You should expect some shedding with all woolen dhurries. This is 100% handwoven dhurrie in finest quality of woolen yarn. Technique- Flat woven Color- Fast and fixed 100% Hand Washable Dhurrie Best substitute of handmade woolen carpet. Reversible dhurrie Ideal for the living Room. Vimla international highly produced handmade dhurries in cotton, silk, wool, wool and jute and also cotton block printed. They have huge collection of handmade dhurries and rugs. Vimla International always available for customize your dreame rug. This is very cheaper as compare to the handmade carpets. Find the same subtle of carpet in your price range. This is highly durable. You can use it 20-50 years without any manufacturing complains. For the more inquiry Please subscribe or Email Us.
This carpet is made from 100% imported wool Pile hight :- 3000 GSM Total weight :- 4000 GSM Vimla international highly produced handmade dhurries in cotton, silk, wool, wool and jute and also cotton block printed. They have huge collection of handmade dhurries and rugs. Vimla International always available for customize your dream rug. This wool carpet offered are modern, stylish and vibrant in terms of use of color, design and patterns that helps in providing an enhance finished look to these carpet.This carpet is woven in pure cotton wool with best finishing appearance. Further the flawless finish appeal also help in providing a polish exclusive feel to unique character comprising soft and chunky texture that adds a feel of comfortableness to the rooms.
Natural hemp lurix rug These rugs look beautiful in stripe patterns defined as part of the natural weave and making use of various natural colour combinations. Hemp is a strong, durable fiber, which softens with wear. CARE INSTRUCTIONS OF HEMP:- 1. Natural variations in color and texture of Hemp in different parts of the rug add to its beauty and authenticity. 2. This Eco rug is handmade from recycled fabrics/ materials. 3. Each rug is unique in colour/ style/ texture. 4. Deep colours may have a tendency to stain light surface especially if wet, please ensure dry usage and a rug underlay is recommended. 5. Use soft hand brush to clean.
HANDMADE TRADITIONAL REDDISH WOOL DURRIE Every wool rug has a particular texture that reflects the level of softness found in the finished product. The method of grooming, shearing and processing of the wool fiber can vary widely among rug manufacturers.Wool rugs and carpets are easy to maintain. When price is no object, the best carpet and rug fiber is wool. If you were to look at wool fiber under a microscope, you would see that its surface is made up of overlapping scales, much like a roof.
Wool Jute Rug In India:- A fresh, organic addition to any indoor space, this Wool Jute rug is perfect layered over hardwood floors, rolled out under coffee tables, and beyond., The jute weave of this rug is low maintenance and adds a braided texture to your living space. The jute fiber is also durable and great for any high traffic areas.This rug is incredibly durable since it is made primarily of jute. Made in India, it’s hand-woven from 100% wool & jute fibers. For care:- Professional cleaning is recommended regular vacuuming and spot cleaning work for general upkeep as well. if any thread come out then don't hook it , cut it by scissor
Wool Tufted Carpet Grab glances in any room with this eye-catching area rug, showcasing an on-trend Ikat pattern.. Tufted in India from Wool, this distinctive design is teeming with texture and best suited for low-traffic spaces.Add a hint of neutral warmth and texture to your home with this high-low area rug. Hand-crafted from a wool and cotton blend. Its creamy white , gray and blue coloration palette affords a neutral contact that tones down your area . Hand-tufted in India to create the stunning look of first-class art that is crafted of textiles and herbal fiber yarns, those rugs are brilliantly colored. Each rug is unique, but every one is durable with stay-put backing and sturdy construction that can take the heavy traffic in your most loved rooms.
COTTON RED GOLD PRINTED DHURRIE Vimla international the best rugs manufacturer in jaipur has around 200 blocks of designs in this rug.Vimla International rug company is specialize in custom order can make any size any design and any colors as per your requirement.Cotton Indigo block printed rugs are mostly uses in Bedrooms, Kids rooms and living rooms because of its soft feel and good texture. This printed cotton rug is best substitute of cotton flat weave rug. This has same cotton material as flat weave durries but in low price than flat weave.
Cotton Denim Rug:- State-of-the-art shade and incomparable texture in a unique collection of high fashion accessory and place rugs. made solely from unique fiber for superlative softness and sturdiness. This handwoven area rug crafted of recycled denim. Heavy and sturdy, this rug is positive to decorate the simple and informal decor of any room.
Wool Kilim Rug:- Add a hint of elegance to your own home with this casual elegant hand woven Wool Kilim rug. The pattern of this notable rug has been planned by way of the pro artisans retaining in mind the modern-day tendencies.This location Rug brings the timeless tribal flat woven motifs alive in a classic layout.these stunning flat weaves are home made in India of one 100% pure wool.This hand-woven masterpiece imbues your area with personality and texture, while the geometric sample adds dimension on your room. to extend the life of this rug, professional cleansing simplest.